Hello July!

Hi there!

Let’s all welcome the awesomeness of July!!!





hope you enjoyed and love to scrolling up and down to get some ideas of your own style.
It’s Really a Dreamy Spaces perfect for aspiration of this Month JULY!

See you again Darlings!
Have a Wonderful Weekdays as always.

Xoxo, mae

Essence of Style is a matter

Hi there!

How have you been darlings? Month of July is almost here!
Anyway, let’s talk about Matter you wanted to do in your space, i’d say that in every aspect of the things you’ve planed for the essence of style, architecture, fashions, etc., details must be on the right track which really matter most.
Look the photos below: A room with an appropriate details on it.




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If you imagine to combine all the photos, it’s a small space but looks manageable. It gives you the best shots to take the good ideas on how to make you space looks Fab.

Hope you all are well darlings.
Great time always.

Xoxo, mae

Cohesive Colors

Hi there!
The interior design has sophisticated contemporary modern sensibility with a color scheme of yellow and greens.

For Yellow : The settings and materials used for the large scale open floor with the help of fab carpet and the walls cooperates with the ceilings, the lofty space still feels welcoming and well… I heart soo much with the simple touch of yellow here!Tones from the same palette create depth and  Gonna work-out for summer scheme too!

For Green : A Retro floral designs own the energy in this bedroom below.

I think the designer had the right idea, as green is thought to attract prosperity and reflect tranquility and balance in the people who use it.

And the Vibrant earth tones where the outdoors become part of the scene.

Beautiful examples of modern living sees cohesive color and materials throughout, the overall effect is stunning and creates a sense of sanctuary.

Have a Blissful Thursday! enjoy!
Xoxo, mae :-)

Ideal Beds

Hi there!

Missing the time flies so fast again by adding some ideal post. I’ve been linking on beds, about beds, anything about beds it really matters on my blog-site.

well, i’m talking about it now.


those linens are so damn-great, the subtle duvet and shams to layer on white quilts, looks so comfy!
And You can see how the dreamy white and blues work in the loft to temper all the brick and warm floors. I love how calming it all is!

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Just imagine how it feels like if you had this heavenly touches of whites that looks so airy and purely beautiful!

Hope you’ll like my post.

Dream big fellas! have a sweet bed-dreaming!

Xoxo, mae

Warmth and Cozy

Hi there!

We’ve got little modern.. just add a little too wild that makes it too cozy to look at it.

“We enjoy warmth because we have been cold.
We appreciate light because we have been in darkness.
By the same token, we can experience joy because we have known sadness.”

– David Weatherford

All together, they are all set in a perfect scene!

Have a blissful day Darlings!

Xoxo 😉


Hi there!

How have you been Darlings? It’s been a while and my apology that i missed so much time to share some goodness stuffs and thoughts here.
Anyway, am completely in love with these spaces,lacquered dark shades of gray walls, touches of apricot and corals, some leathers, lacquered nightstands, peachy-pink Venetian plaster in the bathroom those are in the master’s bedroom and bathroom yet… let’s devour our eyes and relish more awesomeness in some other corner too..



Now let’s mention the gold leaf customed-made kitchen island, paired with plum leather bar stools… it is all too much to handle, in a perfectly pretty and insanely good way


Here’s more…


Hope you had so much fun and ideas on all the photos above!
Hoping too that all is well.

Xoxo, mae

Home Sweet Home

Hi there!

I’ve come to the recent realization that there is just SO so much good stuff going on while you’re not feeling well and the only you had to eases the boredom is to strikes them doing web tour. Its feels Homey anyway if you found these aesthetic stuffs.


The white is fresh and clean looking with the dark stained chairs and floors.


Hope you all had a beautiful moments always darlings!

Xoxo, Mae

Wonder Woman’s Month

Hi there
Mothers are the sweetest gift from Gods to us. There is no way we can ever really thank our mother for all she does for us nevertheless we must make it a habit to keep reminding ourselves of the various sacrifices she made while raising us. Mothers’ Day is the best time to say in words how much you love and care for your mum. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers in the whole world!!!happy-mothers-day1

Cheers to all mothers like me!!!Blessed us all Wonderwoman of the universe!

Xoxo, mae

Come What’s on May

Hi there!

Have you ever wonder, how days flies so fast? we’re almost done on the month of April and whoa! good vibes for May hopefully!

Anyway, could anyone tell me how fascinating these spaces are?

I think there is so much STRENGTH in these rooms, yes? my eye grows so accustomed to cozy-comfy-soft rooms so these are really stood out.

Calm and relaxing whites!

Captivated by the dark hidden corner and mysterious beauty of this stunning space.

And there you have it!

Hope you enjoyed!

Share your thoughts with us and Be May* guest!

Xoxo, mae



Hang around

Hi there!

Just want to share you some interesting stuffs. You’ll going to amazed what i’m talking about.  It’s creative, unique style and you’ll just want to try some in your own pad. Look and hang on below photos.

white on white // airy pendant // elisabeth heier

sheer lighting via concept by anna

enoki white linen pendants at pond // est mag

net pendant living room // milk mag

Have you seen those big thingy hanging? A Big pendant! alternate for a classy called chandelier! Why won’t you try some too.

Have a Great Cloudy Wednesday Darlings!

Xoxo, mae

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