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Friday – Whips up!

Hi there! I’m Back!

It’s Holiday month!!!! Hello December 2014!

It’s FRIDAY! I’m sure everybody loves this Day whooping¬† for weekend definitely.

So things need to be nailed it well before weekend approach, it should be in smooth, clean lines and seamlessly blend all by its taste when it comes to designs. A peaceful mind creates great works.

Starts with a colorful scheme gets end with a brighter day…


Inflame with Love in a brilliant choice!


And……that emerald green pops below is the perfect touch to use of various shades of lilac, lavender and pinks . I just love also those big windows along with the great draperies!


Hope you’ll enjoy your weekend Darlings, beautiful as what I have shared.

More Fascinating post to be shared this Holiday Season.


Have a Great and Fresh December Darlings!

Xoxo, mae ūüėČ



Country Home with touches of rustics

Hi there!

It’s Been a while and this kinda post will be usual when times comes, i mean i’ll gonna leave for maternity reason, So i’ll be missing you all for a long while. Hope it’s gonna be alright with His Grace.

Anyway, I just wanted to share something homey, it’s kinda old but with these photos, oldies are always fascinating and interesting. Not just because of the arts, ideas and crafty made, it also because of its own history that everybody loves to commemorate as well. Look around you, there’s a lot of things¬†has an aged ¬†already which you heart to reminisce its value why those stuff still on kept.








Those spaces above are full of savaged fixtures which make it a simple, interesting and inviting space with it’s own detailed. You can see those antique and unique homey settings, the color pallet is always in a neutral tones with emphasizes on texture! that’s Country home looks Homey with the touches of rustics!


Hope You enjoy my post.

Have a great airy feeling darlings!

Xoxo, mae

August Mood-board – Kitchen

Hi there!

I was thinking of the people whom kitchen lover, since its August the days for “ber” month swiftly approaching and definitely if holiday season’s coming the very main busy part of the house is the Kitchen, aside of the living room where wrapping presents and decorating is also a matter. I would love to share some awesome photos, you might love and inspires as well…

The photos below looks good for a great and spacious for sumptuous, delicious recipes to prepare.



I’m loving some lighter woods shown below. Whites is definitely heavens!





The ideas of using reclaimed woods that adds the rustic touch! i’m loving it!



And If you’ve decided to go with a starker kitchen design, whether all white, or a little industrial, I think this is a great way to add a little richness and texture visually, becasue kitchens should be warm and inviting!


Hope you had a great time scrolling ups and down!

Have a great mood darlings!

Xoxo, mae


Real Deal- Whimsical Style

Hi there!

Here are the great deal of inspiration for this week. Enjoy scrolling down!
Let’s start here:
A gorgeous marble top with modern legs, it’s a totally different direction if you look at it, but it looks really fresh for the perfect dining chairs to pair with it to. This is actually considered if you are obsessed with the idea of woven.



For liking the aesthetic taste and add so much depth to its whimsical style yet not really visible how creative it is but it leaves the scale beautifully.




Hope you had so much fun n dropping by on my blogsite.

Wishing You all well darlings!

Xoxo, mae

Hang around

Hi there!

Just want to share you some interesting stuffs. You’ll going to amazed what i’m talking about. ¬†It’s creative, unique style and you’ll just want to try some in your own pad. Look and hang on below photos.

white on white // airy pendant // elisabeth heier

sheer lighting via concept by anna

enoki white linen pendants at pond // est mag

net pendant living room // milk mag

Have you seen those big thingy hanging? A Big pendant! alternate for a classy called chandelier! Why won’t you try some too.

Have a Great Cloudy Wednesday Darlings!

Xoxo, mae


Hi There!

How have you been darlings?Hope all is well and back on track for good!

I’m finally back from my leave of absences. Anyway, this week, I know you’re aware of Christians commemorating the Holy weeks every year. A little goodies to commemorate some stuff as we valued the thing we loved in our life, either new or old things we commemorate the value of itself.

Have you noticed this room? So do I, the settings looks mess and Old, especially the floor, closets, even the color of the room,yeah, its so light but looks so sad! right? and Does anyone thought of changing those fading color of the floor? well then respect the owner of this room, there’s surely more reasons why they still look like that at this modern time.

Another one. Its looks, we’re same what’s on our mind.

Focus on the fridge. :-)

Well, It’s so light and airy!

Above all, It’s all awesome because it seems they kept ¬†for real and the owner valued each of the things inside of this house. They surely commemorate the worth of the goodies stuffs.

And same to all Christians of the world during Holy Week, Christians commemorate the Passion of Christ, Who died on Good Friday in reparation for the sins of mankind, and rose on Easter Sunday to give new life to all who believe. Thus, while Holy Week is solemn and sorrowful, it also anticipates the joy of Easter through the recognition of God’s goodness in sending His Son to die for our salvation.

Whoever you are, Christians or not,Even though we’re not same races,different beliefs, and religions,¬†We’re same species of Humanity. ¬†RESPECTS, UNITY(understanding) and LOVE can conquers of everything.

Every moments of our life is Sacred. Why won’t you get and used it.


Great Time Always Darlings!

Xoxo, mae


Hang Out Here & there!

Hi there!

Another week had been past and to think we’re already in the mid date of March!

We’re into a bit of a more sparse selection of furniture in our home, and partial to pieces that take on a sculptural feel in some way. ¬†We know that this doesn’t always work from a practical level, but we’d think every home has room for at least one interesting piece in it. Right. Hope you enjoy hangin’ around in every corner on these photos.

Outside scheme: You can stay here hang out for good if you’re tired the view inside.

Kelly Behun outdoor

Just do what you wanted to do!

Kelly Behun living room library

Or Do Some Delicious recipe in here.

Kelly Behun kitchen

Another corner to hang around.

anne hepfer outdoor lake house room

Or … you Know what i’m thinking.


Have a Pleasant weekend Ahead Darlings!

Enjoy wherever you’re hanging off to.

Xoxo, mae

Wonderful loft

Hi there!

Recharged from being unwell lately, since it’s been a while again. They said: ” Every story has an end,but in life every end is just a new beginning”

So, hopefully the photos below gives so much inspiration and  be alive, life is too short to waste be meaningful to live as well.




Simple. Modern. Minimal. Textural. Ethnic. Organic. Classic. Can they all exist together? And it would be possible if our life would be like that too? Apparently, yes! because these are all words I’d like to use to describe the photos above. With a little more comfort for good measure in lifestyle.

Happy 4th of March!

Hoping all is well.

Xoxo, mae

Simply Seductive

Hi there!

Excited for this coming Friday? Uhm.. I guess not just exciting fully excited! especially the couples in the world.¬† I silly imagine some girls their Eyes full of love with heart beat sparkling. And I wonder, Some Guys getting into frustration due to confusing the romantic date plan would it be with His picky partner. They usually thought of “hope my love would appreciate it” You know, Girls are very complicated! Truly hell they are!

I’d better advice some couples¬† to do some romantic scene on their bedroom, dinning area, living area anywhere in the house that you seems it looks great for Heart night. A bedroom with spacious of course. Just make the room little dim light with candle on a table, a bottle of cold wine, Roses and simple dine! that’s it~!¬† the Romantic scene gonna starts over……

Happy Heart-months Darlings! Just relax and be excited for the romantic date will gonna happen.

Be loved and Inspired.

Xoxo, mae


Spot the Loveliness

Hi there!

Hmmm… longing for this month? i guess every-one does! But yet I just want to define first the other meaning of Love. Love is children, they are precious and wonderful gift from God’s above and gift of almighty God whom a great creature is called Love.

Here are endearing rooms with lovely details, colour and lights! enjoy :-)

Have you seen the colour heart here? it really adds depth in this pretty room. isn’t?

I love the quaint little details and the serene feel about these spaces…they are a great inspiration! am I right?
And because Children’s stuff, things are definitely my soft spot on this Heart Month.

Happy Thursday Darlings!

Love all the Children of the world.  :-*

Xoxo, mae



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