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Substantial Looks

Hi there!

Woah! Really time flies so fast. It’s Mid of August, it’s just like the movie titled August rush!

How have you been doing Darlings? Hope everyone doing fine and to add that feelings of hopeful let’s talk about playful pops of  color and modern looks with the mixed of traditional pieces… where you can find your self dying just to have those material pieces and settings in your own space..



Closer look of this Fab bed!



The whole thing in this room was beyond you imagination, its so fresh and not too fussy to balance the richness of the upholstery. The pretty small dresser add so much depth, it doesn’t compete with the wall paper yet lends plenty of beautiful detail at the same time.



The Space Looks substantial enough that it really works and it really looks visually simple yet rocks!


All is Well Darlings!

Have a Great Day and night always.

Xoxo, mae

Home Sweet Home

Hi there!

I’ve come to the recent realization that there is just SO so much good stuff going on while you’re not feeling well and the only you had to eases the boredom is to strikes them doing web tour. Its feels Homey anyway if you found these aesthetic stuffs.


The white is fresh and clean looking with the dark stained chairs and floors.


Hope you all had a beautiful moments always darlings!

Xoxo, Mae


Hi There!

How have you been darlings?Hope all is well and back on track for good!

I’m finally back from my leave of absences. Anyway, this week, I know you’re aware of Christians commemorating the Holy weeks every year. A little goodies to commemorate some stuff as we valued the thing we loved in our life, either new or old things we commemorate the value of itself.

Have you noticed this room? So do I, the settings looks mess and Old, especially the floor, closets, even the color of the room,yeah, its so light but looks so sad! right? and Does anyone thought of changing those fading color of the floor? well then respect the owner of this room, there’s surely more reasons why they still look like that at this modern time.

Another one. Its looks, we’re same what’s on our mind.

Focus on the fridge. :-)

Well, It’s so light and airy!

Above all, It’s all awesome because it seems they kept  for real and the owner valued each of the things inside of this house. They surely commemorate the worth of the goodies stuffs.

And same to all Christians of the world during Holy Week, Christians commemorate the Passion of Christ, Who died on Good Friday in reparation for the sins of mankind, and rose on Easter Sunday to give new life to all who believe. Thus, while Holy Week is solemn and sorrowful, it also anticipates the joy of Easter through the recognition of God’s goodness in sending His Son to die for our salvation.

Whoever you are, Christians or not,Even though we’re not same races,different beliefs, and religions, We’re same species of Humanity.  RESPECTS, UNITY(understanding) and LOVE can conquers of everything.

Every moments of our life is Sacred. Why won’t you get and used it.


Great Time Always Darlings!

Xoxo, mae


Hang Out Here & there!

Hi there!

Another week had been past and to think we’re already in the mid date of March!

We’re into a bit of a more sparse selection of furniture in our home, and partial to pieces that take on a sculptural feel in some way.  We know that this doesn’t always work from a practical level, but we’d think every home has room for at least one interesting piece in it. Right. Hope you enjoy hangin’ around in every corner on these photos.

Outside scheme: You can stay here hang out for good if you’re tired the view inside.

Kelly Behun outdoor

Just do what you wanted to do!

Kelly Behun living room library

Or Do Some Delicious recipe in here.

Kelly Behun kitchen

Another corner to hang around.

anne hepfer outdoor lake house room

Or … you Know what i’m thinking.


Have a Pleasant weekend Ahead Darlings!

Enjoy wherever you’re hanging off to.

Xoxo, mae

Spot the Loveliness

Hi there!

Hmmm… longing for this month? i guess every-one does! But yet I just want to define first the other meaning of Love. Love is children, they are precious and wonderful gift from God’s above and gift of almighty God whom a great creature is called Love.

Here are endearing rooms with lovely details, colour and lights! enjoy :-)

Have you seen the colour heart here? it really adds depth in this pretty room. isn’t?

I love the quaint little details and the serene feel about these spaces…they are a great inspiration! am I right?
And because Children’s stuff, things are definitely my soft spot on this Heart Month.

Happy Thursday Darlings!

Love all the Children of the world.  :-*

Xoxo, mae



Simply pint it!

Hi there!

How have you been darlings? hope you all had a great New month of 2014! we’re on 29th day, truly days flies so fast and we’re going to say Hello February!

Enjoy pinning!

red green white




Hope You enjoy the photos I’ve shared with you and it’s always fun to see highly a confident sense of style rolled into one fabulous space. Isn’t?

Happy Wednesday Fellas!


Xoxo, mae

Fair Views

Hi there! …and hello Tuesday!

I honestly don’t think 2 days are enough for us  to recharge after 5 days of modern slavery in workplace and busy workforce to amend. So, to the extend I used Monday for additional recharging were my love  ones spend with me for a little bit longer.

Fair Views to a Great mind.This  spectacular view gives Calming, rejuvenating, and inspiring to everyone, that is the power of Mother Nature.  Got to love and appreciate what nature has to offer, and it is very important that we all need to take an active role to ensure such precious natural resources are preserved for future generations!


Fair Bed view for everybody who loves shades of greens!


Enjoy + Fun + Admire!

Have a Great mind day ad Romantic night time!

Xoxo, Mae

to enjoy + admire.

Express your thoughts

Hi there!

How was your weekend Darlings? Finally it’s June already!

“On this June day the buds in my garden are almost as enchanting as the open flowers. Things in bud bring, in the heat of a June noontide, the recollection of the loveliest days of the year – those days of May when all is suggested, nothing yet fulfilled.”
–  Francis King

Monday photos:

Wanna Hear your thought on these.




Just say it Loud and say it proud what you think of these photos…

Starts your Day with full of optimistic thoughts. I’m sure it will ends with a great peaceful mind.

Have a wonderful time always fellas!

Enjoy Your weekdays, there’s a lot of good vibes ahead of us just think positive though.

Xoxo :-)

Define your Fab thoughts

Hi there!

Define Greatness!

I would say that being Great is the essential of  human gratefulness. (just my own thought)

Anyway, Happy Tuesday! It’s another day to celebrate!



I am against Taxidermy where animals mounted.Well, on the first  image above  it seems not real those three things on top of the headboard. Ok, let’s leave on that, focus on the bed,i love the bed’s scones and color pops appears of red!    It’s looks an authentic Spanish style – black against the white with tiling details and more. And the second one, the decor works well there too – clean lines but still filled with curiosities and surprises especially on the rugs that makes it so unique.


For relaxation of your mind, let your spirit be fresh and soak for a while on this simple yet cozy bathroom. The space is so serene and relaxing. The sunken tub set right next to the floor to ceiling window doesn’t hurt either!

Have a Great mind Day!

Xoxo :-)

rambling- Good stuff

Hey there!
Apparently this is my 267th posting…or rambling depending on your take.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all  for making me feel welcome in blog-land.
Posts will be a little here and there as I take some much needed time with other stuff  aside from blogging…i know every body does same as mine we have to spend our time a little bit busy to other stuff every single day not focusing in just one but multi-tasking as you could do.I hope you understand.
So, I am showing these stunning spaces for the meantime, for you to feel the deserving relaxation you need while having a cup of tea or a cup of coffee  in this wonderful day of Thursday!


You seen a dog, well poised on a bed.. that’s what we want to do in just a quite sometime.


Calm-creamy looks in a living room.


Another Romantic room just to make your night Big!

Thanks for dropping by as always..

May the Good Spirit bless you all the time.

Have a Great Day!

Xoxo :-)

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