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Friday – Whips up!

Hi there! I’m Back!

It’s Holiday month!!!! Hello December 2014!

It’s FRIDAY! I’m sure everybody loves this Day whooping  for weekend definitely.

So things need to be nailed it well before weekend approach, it should be in smooth, clean lines and seamlessly blend all by its taste when it comes to designs. A peaceful mind creates great works.

Starts with a colorful scheme gets end with a brighter day…


Inflame with Love in a brilliant choice!


And……that emerald green pops below is the perfect touch to use of various shades of lilac, lavender and pinks . I just love also those big windows along with the great draperies!


Hope you’ll enjoy your weekend Darlings, beautiful as what I have shared.

More Fascinating post to be shared this Holiday Season.


Have a Great and Fresh December Darlings!

Xoxo, mae 😉



September : Blues with warmth and It’s character

Hi there!

I’ll gonna share something blue, blues that make your heart beat like a drum even more, you’ll never expect those shades brought depth warmth and great characteristics!


Light effect with the shades of blue.

after 3a







I’m drooling over with my post they are looks cozy and completely modern! I’d say those interiors and settings and the chosen color as well are perfectly flow together.

Have a Great blues moment!

All is well Darlings.

Xoxo, mae


Substantial Looks

Hi there!

Woah! Really time flies so fast. It’s Mid of August, it’s just like the movie titled August rush!

How have you been doing Darlings? Hope everyone doing fine and to add that feelings of hopeful let’s talk about playful pops of  color and modern looks with the mixed of traditional pieces… where you can find your self dying just to have those material pieces and settings in your own space..



Closer look of this Fab bed!



The whole thing in this room was beyond you imagination, its so fresh and not too fussy to balance the richness of the upholstery. The pretty small dresser add so much depth, it doesn’t compete with the wall paper yet lends plenty of beautiful detail at the same time.



The Space Looks substantial enough that it really works and it really looks visually simple yet rocks!


All is Well Darlings!

Have a Great Day and night always.

Xoxo, mae

Essence of Style is a matter

Hi there!

How have you been darlings? Month of July is almost here!
Anyway, let’s talk about Matter you wanted to do in your space, i’d say that in every aspect of the things you’ve planed for the essence of style, architecture, fashions, etc., details must be on the right track which really matter most.
Look the photos below: A room with an appropriate details on it.




online casino bonus no deposit



If you imagine to combine all the photos, it’s a small space but looks manageable. It gives you the best shots to take the good ideas on how to make you space looks Fab.

Hope you all are well darlings.
Great time always.

Xoxo, mae

Come What’s on May

Hi there!

Have you ever wonder, how days flies so fast? we’re almost done on the month of April and whoa! good vibes for May hopefully!

Anyway, could anyone tell me how fascinating these spaces are?

I think there is so much STRENGTH in these rooms, yes? my eye grows so accustomed to cozy-comfy-soft rooms so these are really stood out.

Calm and relaxing whites!

Captivated by the dark hidden corner and mysterious beauty of this stunning space.

And there you have it!

Hope you enjoyed!

Share your thoughts with us and Be May* guest!

Xoxo, mae



I’ll be right back soon

Hi there!

It’s been a while and it takes another long long while again. I’m having an angel grown inside me, my body calls me to have rest for a while. I hope it won’t take long and it’s gonna be alright the soonest.

The place should I go for resting would gonna be like this.

hunting for george bed linens // jute rug // the design files


armadillo and co jute rug // simone haag home

Enjoy the fair weather fellas..

I’ll gonna miss you all Darlings.

Have a great mood always.

Xoxo, mae


Summer, Sunshine!

Hi there!

I’ve been so inspired by the contrast of bright colors against a backdrop of dramatic black – the pair seem like a perfect way to welcome in this slow-coming Summer, don’t you think?

Let’s color your style starts today!

steven harris dining room

coco+kelley for c. wonder // citrus inspired tabletop

And make it simple. The warm woods and great textures keep it cozy and interesting without overwhelming, and I absolutely love the way they used the screens to create privacy in this lofty space.

If I were setting this up in my house for entertaining, I think I’d surround the entire corner with tropical plants to really get in the sunshiney mood! but don’t forget to not over do it, simple is still best among the rest. :-)


happy Sunshine Fellas!

Enjoy the Summer!

Xoxo, mae

Warm it Up

Hi there!

How’s your weekdays darling? Hoping you feels warmth and relaxed past few days until then as well.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing the benefits of this pairing when used sparingly and tempered with sophistication, so Warming it up just a little bit ..

Obviously I’m obsessed with touches of blue lately, but no other form has caught my eye quite so much as the bold, blue canopy bed


Little doses go a long way in this room, where clean lines and warm woods and natural materials offset the graphic nature of the wall and ceiling.

yellow dining chairs eclectic dining room

These colors always create a strong, graphic moment, no matter how they’re used

dpages giles-boissier yellow ceiling dining room

Happy Sunshine Fellas!

Enjoy and have Fun!

Xoxo, mae

Hang Out Here & there!

Hi there!

Another week had been past and to think we’re already in the mid date of March!

We’re into a bit of a more sparse selection of furniture in our home, and partial to pieces that take on a sculptural feel in some way.  We know that this doesn’t always work from a practical level, but we’d think every home has room for at least one interesting piece in it. Right. Hope you enjoy hangin’ around in every corner on these photos.

Outside scheme: You can stay here hang out for good if you’re tired the view inside.

Kelly Behun outdoor

Just do what you wanted to do!

Kelly Behun living room library

Or Do Some Delicious recipe in here.

Kelly Behun kitchen

Another corner to hang around.

anne hepfer outdoor lake house room

Or … you Know what i’m thinking.


Have a Pleasant weekend Ahead Darlings!

Enjoy wherever you’re hanging off to.

Xoxo, mae

Simply Lovely Century Style

Hi there!

Century style makes you wanna  keep it like that up to now… It’s all pieces of stunning old treasure to be dreamed of.  This are actually the  French century style. French certainly know the art of beautiful living, no stuffiness in sight!

Enjoy scrolling down. :-)

Hope you enjoyed.

Have a Great Day always darlings!

Xoxo, mae

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