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Real Deal : Whites and Blacks

Hi There!
I would like to share some modern touches of whites and blacks! hope you enjoy scrolling!





It’s good to see those opposite colors whites and black brings so much depth with each other to becomes so cozy and tranquil. It perfectly nailed it well.

Some of my previous posts are gone. I don’t know what’s going on.
Hope You enjoy your visit on my site.

Have a great time always darlings. Great to see you again

Xoxo, mae

Cohesive Colors

Hi there!
The interior design has sophisticated contemporary modern sensibility with a color scheme of yellow and greens.

For Yellow : The settings and materials used for the large scale open floor with the help of fab carpet and the walls cooperates with the ceilings, the lofty space still feels welcoming and well… I heart soo much with the simple touch of yellow here!Tones from the same palette create depth and  Gonna work-out for summer scheme too!

For Green : A Retro floral designs own the energy in this bedroom below.

I think the designer had the right idea, as green is thought to attract prosperity and reflect tranquility and balance in the people who use it.

And the Vibrant earth tones where the outdoors become part of the scene.

Beautiful examples of modern living sees cohesive color and materials throughout, the overall effect is stunning and creates a sense of sanctuary.

Have a Blissful Thursday! enjoy!
Xoxo, mae :-)

Ideal Beds

Hi there!

Missing the time flies so fast again by adding some ideal post. I’ve been linking on beds, about beds, anything about beds it really matters on my blog-site.

well, i’m talking about it now.


those linens are so damn-great, the subtle duvet and shams to layer on white quilts, looks so comfy!
And You can see how the dreamy white and blues work in the loft to temper all the brick and warm floors. I love how calming it all is!

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Just imagine how it feels like if you had this heavenly touches of whites that looks so airy and purely beautiful!

Hope you’ll like my post.

Dream big fellas! have a sweet bed-dreaming!

Xoxo, mae

FriDay : Photo

Hi there!

Weekdays end, Hello weekend. Just think the positive vibes and positive thought ahead. Christmas holiday is coming so Soon. Keep the wits uproar!

Like this photo, everyday of your life it should have an update. If life was dull don’t forget there’s rainbow after the rain, we should have face a brand new day everyday as it says: Life’s changing.


Everyday is a brand new day……. Refreshing bedroom to all of you Darling! (below)

Color your Life everyday! Be optimistic.

Relaxing weekend all. Hope all is well.

Xoxo, mae

Wonderful creative touch of Suzani designs

Hi there!

It’s 25th Day of October 2013. The days flies so fast!

I would like to share these photos of Suzani designs. I grabbed some photos from one of my favorite site “Pure Style Home” and saw this “suzani” used such a practical, traditional & Wonderful creative touch, it became my love too. I adore this kind of design, if you look at it closely , its kinda tricky but I did love the handmade nature with such detail & colors.

Got some Information about Suzani- is a type of embroidered decorative tribal textile made in certain Central Asian countries. Suzani comes from the Persian word “suzan” which means needle.  Popular design motifs include sun and moon disks, flowers, leaves and vines, fruits (especially pomegranates), and occasional fish and birds.

–Thanks Lauren Liess of “Pure Style Home” Site for this information– I just Love and adore Her blog-site so well.

Happy Friday everyone!

And Blissful Weekend ahead.

Xoxo , mae :-)



White Friday

Hi there!

End of weekdays! Oh yeah… Hi! Weekend .. yet Somehow Photos speak out!

Clean white bedroom with light wood floor, a large window and a framed portrait

Modern California French country kitchen by Mary McDonald grey and white herringbone floor marble counter tops


Simple, clean white bedroom with a wicker armchair

I love a clean simple all white bed. Never goes out of style.  Is it stylish to just put a white cover or duvet over a bed and call it a day?  Don’t get me wrong…I love a fun patterned bed…the interesting textures, graphic shapes, timeless colors.  But on a day where you need mental quiet, deep relaxation, no noise, or a soft touch to the eye…an all soft white bed will do the trick.

Enjoy White heaven Friday Darlings!

Hope you have a Great time always!

Xoxo, mae :-)

Tuesday Photos : Woods Sensibility

Hi there!

Happy Tuesday ! :-)

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in houses with good architecture but there are many simple and non-permanent ways of incorporating it in our homes.

Now I know that the image on top is full of exquisite details (the spacious room would be enough to impress) but what caught my attention was the combination of woods and the color motif (champagne) of the room that looks so regal yet understated elegance. I think that unique detail would make any room more interesting and would bring an unexpected touch to it as well..

…adds up here, the plaster! When seeing this image from other blog-site, I really adore this. Its really  installed correctly, they give a home such warmth and depth without overpowering the space. I love the subtleties of this finished in large areas.

Above all, the intention is to create the perfect backdrop in enhancing their beauties and that is the power of woods sensibility.


Have a great time always Darlings!

Looking for you  to say Hello here, would love to hear from you.

Xoxo, mae

By: Section or Category

Hi there!

Let’s Do the organizing procedure or let’s say by section and by category rather. I just love sharing things that beyond my expectation, especially in the  place where architecture and ideas are not impossible to gain wits extravaganza!

Category: let’s starts on the Shelves!  This is a library anyway.. dual purpose for its unique way in designing as well.

Modern library built in book shelf herringbone stained wood floor

below: conserved space (organized), you can do it in the walls with more classic traditional seating !

Traditional living room with built in bookcase, sofa, ottoman and dueling armchairs

Sectional (below) : A good looking sectional Sofa. i liked it so much!

Living room with a large white sectional, glossy dark floor, glass coffee table and modern art

A huge Sleek Cozy, bright and cheerful sectional  family room!

Family room with a wall mounted television, dueling white sofas, a chandelier, and lots of green drapes

So, what’s your preferences?  Do tell.

Well I hope you have a Great time always and hope All is well.

Happy Wednesday!

Xoxo, mae

Wednesday Photos


Hi there!

Feels like doing nothing today…I mean, embrace the indoor schemes, But won’t let you missed these up!

Just be Cool, hangin’ around outside and have more Fun! Just ignore my Drama today… I just wants to stagnate on my porch or slugged on my bed all day long! bare me just for now. :-)

Anyway :-)



Look the rugs its Fury! I Heart the unique lines on here. Love to feel the comfy scheme of this room! it could make me more lazy to get up with it! drool 😀



And this one too! looks like magnetic moods that says.. Just stay here, you’ve get all what you wants and needs as well! A Laptop and coffee/tea/healthy foodies in a bowl  would be enough to stay in out from the outside.


Have a Great Wednesday Darlings!

Xoxo, Mae :-)


rambling- Good stuff

Hey there!
Apparently this is my 267th posting…or rambling depending on your take.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all  for making me feel welcome in blog-land.
Posts will be a little here and there as I take some much needed time with other stuff  aside from blogging…i know every body does same as mine we have to spend our time a little bit busy to other stuff every single day not focusing in just one but multi-tasking as you could do.I hope you understand.
So, I am showing these stunning spaces for the meantime, for you to feel the deserving relaxation you need while having a cup of tea or a cup of coffee  in this wonderful day of Thursday!


You seen a dog, well poised on a bed.. that’s what we want to do in just a quite sometime.


Calm-creamy looks in a living room.


Another Romantic room just to make your night Big!

Thanks for dropping by as always..

May the Good Spirit bless you all the time.

Have a Great Day!

Xoxo :-)

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