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Summer, Sunshine!

Hi there!

I’ve been so inspired by the contrast of bright colors against a backdrop of dramatic black – the pair seem like a perfect way to welcome in this slow-coming Summer, don’t you think?

Let’s color your style starts today!

steven harris dining room

coco+kelley for c. wonder // citrus inspired tabletop

And make it simple. The warm woods and great textures keep it cozy and interesting without overwhelming, and I absolutely love the way they used the screens to create privacy in this lofty space.

If I were setting this up in my house for entertaining, I think I’d surround the entire corner with tropical plants to really get in the sunshiney mood! but don’t forget to not over do it, simple is still best among the rest. :-)


happy Sunshine Fellas!

Enjoy the Summer!

Xoxo, mae

Warm it Up

Hi there!

How’s your weekdays darling? Hoping you feels warmth and relaxed past few days until then as well.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing the benefits of this pairing when used sparingly and tempered with sophistication, so Warming it up just a little bit ..

Obviously I’m obsessed with touches of blue lately, but no other form has caught my eye quite so much as the bold, blue canopy bed


Little doses go a long way in this room, where clean lines and warm woods and natural materials offset the graphic nature of the wall and ceiling.

yellow dining chairs eclectic dining room

These colors always create a strong, graphic moment, no matter how they’re used

dpages giles-boissier yellow ceiling dining room

Happy Sunshine Fellas!

Enjoy and have Fun!

Xoxo, mae

Hang Out Here & there!

Hi there!

Another week had been past and to think we’re already in the mid date of March!

We’re into a bit of a more sparse selection of furniture in our home, and partial to pieces that take on a sculptural feel in some way.  We know that this doesn’t always work from a practical level, but we’d think every home has room for at least one interesting piece in it. Right. Hope you enjoy hangin’ around in every corner on these photos.

Outside scheme: You can stay here hang out for good if you’re tired the view inside.

Kelly Behun outdoor

Just do what you wanted to do!

Kelly Behun living room library

Or Do Some Delicious recipe in here.

Kelly Behun kitchen

Another corner to hang around.

anne hepfer outdoor lake house room

Or … you Know what i’m thinking.


Have a Pleasant weekend Ahead Darlings!

Enjoy wherever you’re hanging off to.

Xoxo, mae

Bet your Living Style

Hi There!

T.hank G.oodness I.ts F.riday! Everybody loves this end day of the week! Hello Weekend.

CKD_Jackson Square3



Have a Great weekend ahead darlings!

Xoxo, mae

Wonderful loft

Hi there!

Recharged from being unwell lately, since it’s been a while again. They said: ” Every story has an end,but in life every end is just a new beginning”

So, hopefully the photos below gives so much inspiration and  be alive, life is too short to waste be meaningful to live as well.




Simple. Modern. Minimal. Textural. Ethnic. Organic. Classic. Can they all exist together? And it would be possible if our life would be like that too? Apparently, yes! because these are all words I’d like to use to describe the photos above. With a little more comfort for good measure in lifestyle.

Happy 4th of March!

Hoping all is well.

Xoxo, mae

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