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Color Perfect

Hi there!

It’s been a while… Hope you all is well

If only our life would be colorful and perfect  as this photo below… No Gone, No loss and No Goodbyes. If only things here on Earth won’t change and It’ll last forever.. If only..

Real Living Magazine neutral fluro living room

If Only “grief” won’t  puts into word and into feelings.. Life’s too short. Embrace every moments with Your Love ones to make your life wonderful and colorful everyday.

Have a Great Thursday Darlings!

Xoxo, mae

Simply Seductive

Hi there!

Excited for this coming Friday? Uhm.. I guess not just exciting fully excited! especially the couples in the world.  I silly imagine some girls their Eyes full of love with heart beat sparkling. And I wonder, Some Guys getting into frustration due to confusing the romantic date plan would it be with His picky partner. They usually thought of “hope my love would appreciate it” You know, Girls are very complicated! Truly hell they are!

I’d better advice some couples  to do some romantic scene on their bedroom, dinning area, living area anywhere in the house that you seems it looks great for Heart night. A bedroom with spacious of course. Just make the room little dim light with candle on a table, a bottle of cold wine, Roses and simple dine! that’s it~!  the Romantic scene gonna starts over……

Happy Heart-months Darlings! Just relax and be excited for the romantic date will gonna happen.

Be loved and Inspired.

Xoxo, mae


Spot the Loveliness

Hi there!

Hmmm… longing for this month? i guess every-one does! But yet I just want to define first the other meaning of Love. Love is children, they are precious and wonderful gift from God’s above and gift of almighty God whom a great creature is called Love.

Here are endearing rooms with lovely details, colour and lights! enjoy :-)

Have you seen the colour heart here? it really adds depth in this pretty room. isn’t?

I love the quaint little details and the serene feel about these spaces…they are a great inspiration! am I right?
And because Children’s stuff, things are definitely my soft spot on this Heart Month.

Happy Thursday Darlings!

Love all the Children of the world.  :-*

Xoxo, mae



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