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Simply pint it!

Hi there!

How have you been darlings? hope you all had a great New month of 2014! we’re on 29th day, truly days flies so fast and we’re going to say Hello February!

Enjoy pinning!

red green white




Hope You enjoy the photos I’ve shared with you and it’s always fun to see highly a confident sense of style rolled into one fabulous space. Isn’t?

Happy Wednesday Fellas!


Xoxo, mae

Simple wish

Hi there!

(TGIF) Thank Goodness Its Friday!Are you done listing your activities on weekend? I’m pretty sure the first one it to have a rest on bed for a bit longer! coping for the days were too busy during weekdays. Am I right? well, mind would be that one. Stays for bed or one of the photo below you’d  surely do just in a bit while sometime would be great, though seems weird to an occupied person yet its exciting!


jean allsopp bath and painting

Have a Calming, Lovely weekend ahead to all of you darlings!

Xoxo, mae

Simply Lovely Century Style

Hi there!

Century style makes you wanna  keep it like that up to now… It’s all pieces of stunning old treasure to be dreamed of.  This are actually the  French century style. French certainly know the art of beautiful living, no stuffiness in sight!

Enjoy scrolling down. :-)

Hope you enjoyed.

Have a Great Day always darlings!

Xoxo, mae

Simply Amazing

Hi there!

We’re moving! i mean the time swiftly moves… we’re on the 15th of January 2014. I’m pretty sure we’re getting busy on our daily dolly routines because we’re so particular on new things around us, we always wanted to explore and discover new things… well, just set you mind into a simple thought.. don’t think too hard. Remember, Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Images above are reflection only of being Simple human believer. If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing.

Have a Great Wednesday Darlings!

Hope all is Well always.

Xoxo, mae

simple yet rocks

Hi there!

How’s you weekdays darlings? hope all is well.

Anyway, I’ll continue my simplicity campaign for  I think this Whole month of January 2014! Let’s make our lives simple yet rocks.  see photos below. :-*

looks messy yet feels comfy!

Happy Thursday all.

Xoxo, mae

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