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All the Best

Hi there!

Wishing you all a Great Holidays! Merry Christmas and Bountiful New Year each one of you!


be cozy and Retreat your self on this New Year!

Fruitful New Years all!

Xoxo, mae

Composed with Elements

Hi there!

Do I have to do counting for Christmas day? I have thought just a second ago, “just Plain No need!” ūüėÄ because few days since I started counting everyone seems have had already the spirit of Holidays! ¬†The Streets, Malls, ¬†each Home, clubs, etc. anywhere i guess starts celebrating until New Year! Faces are full of excitement anywhere even some of the situation seems bleak especially those who experienced calamity wreckage.

With That by the composed of elements on this photos, Hope all lighten the grief and they Let their mind be refreshed!

Like Rainbow!


Earthly scheme with the shades of green.


Calming, Comfy feels everybody needs it.


and Fine Celebrating!

coco+kelley holiday entertaining table and chandelier

Have a Great Thursday Darlings.

Always wish that all are well!

Xoxo, mae

Sparkly Moments is Coming

Hi there!

Okay, It’s a bit late in counting down the Christmas day coming, yet the excitement won’t change. Let’s do the cutting days ’til Christmas.. It’s 13 days to go! Hope everybody’s happy ¬†in celebrating the Holidays ¬†seasons!

Stephanie Vogler Home at Christmas // tree + living room

And of course… there’s nothing better than spending Christmas morning in bed with presents! This cozy mix of sheets and throws is making me very ready for some serious lazy pajama time over the holidays!

Stephanie Vogler Home at Christmas // bedroom + presents

Merry merry Christmas all!

Can’t wait! Hope all is well.

Xoxo, mae

FriDay : Photo

Hi there!

Weekdays end, Hello weekend. Just think the positive vibes and positive thought ahead. Christmas holiday is coming so Soon. Keep the wits uproar!

Like this photo, everyday of your life it should have an update. If life was dull don’t forget there’s rainbow after the rain, we should have face a brand new day everyday as it says: Life’s changing.


Everyday is a brand new day……. Refreshing bedroom to all of you Darling! (below)

Color your Life everyday! Be optimistic.

Relaxing weekend all. Hope all is well.

Xoxo, mae

Take a Look!

Hi there!

Welcome Back!

I spent the past 4 days almost completely unplugged from work, and I am feeling refreshed.  Hope you can all say the same.

Anyway past days on my mocking dramas, Web tour and window shopping ’til my feet hurts walking around just to kill ¬†boredom and ¬†there is tons of nice drapery I would love to share.


Relieving rooms


And I need to have you let you know this:

Sometimes I have an instant vision and it comes together swiftly and effortlessly.

Happy Thursday All!

Xoxo, mae

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