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Same Room: Different version

Hi there!

How’s your hallowtide celebrations? Hope all is well though different belief at least same curiosity.

Hope you don’t mind these post of mind, just want to share something odd and hopefuly you’d like it. 😉

Den Striped curtains modern graphic print mirrored table arched window

Above: the room’s decor is punched up quite a bit with bold striped drapes, a vibrant blue rug, shiny brass accessories and more.

Casual den wood floor arched window white curtains home office modern shelves

The version of this room above is very neutral – white drapes, an off white solid rug, a leather mid century modern leather sofa and modern built ins and desk against the wall.

Which do you prefer, anyway?

Happy 4th of November Darlings!

Blissful Monday all!

Xoxo, mae

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