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Happy Hallowtide!

Hi there!

Two Bers Month has been past and November is now adds up, comes next is December! Everybody loves that month for so many reasons. Anyway, Let’s face first the different kinds of festivals and tradition all around the Globe especially the First and second day of November.

All Saints Day  were the Roman Catholic church Celebrates on the first day of November to honour all saints. All Souls Day Roman Catholic church celebrates on the second day of November every year to remember all those who have died, not the great and the good, but ordinary man on the street. Family visit graves with bunches of flowers and in the church the name of the dead maybe read out on request. Some other country all souls day ends up play games and some songs.

And even  houses, offices, malls, decorated with creepy and scary buntings. See pictures below.



Things above is just for fun to remember and celebrates halloween.

Hope you all have a great weekend ahead. Happy halloween darlings!

Xoxo, mae


Wonderful creative touch of Suzani designs

Hi there!

It’s 25th Day of October 2013. The days flies so fast!

I would like to share these photos of Suzani designs. I grabbed some photos from one of my favorite site “Pure Style Home” and saw this “suzani” used such a practical, traditional & Wonderful creative touch, it became my love too. I adore this kind of design, if you look at it closely , its kinda tricky but I did love the handmade nature with such detail & colors.

Got some Information about Suzani- is a type of embroidered decorative tribal textile made in certain Central Asian countries. Suzani comes from the Persian word “suzan” which means needle.  Popular design motifs include sun and moon disks, flowers, leaves and vines, fruits (especially pomegranates), and occasional fish and birds.

–Thanks Lauren Liess of “Pure Style Home” Site for this information– I just Love and adore Her blog-site so well.

Happy Friday everyone!

And Blissful Weekend ahead.

Xoxo , mae :-)



Tuesday Photos

Hi there!

I just want to ask, How’s your Day? Natural disasters are everywhere hope you all is well.

by then just want to share these photos that has a lot of  positive out looks for you to think that all things happens for a reason and there’s a new day will come to face new challenges.

Great things happened if you believe the Almighty God our Creature.

Have a Nice Day and Night Darlings!

Xoxo, mae

Ideas for Room’s Beautification

Hi there!

I have round up some gorgeous and inviting rooms below. Hope You’ll get some Fantastic ideas. In my thought if you were to ask, I could get tons of inspiration from these rooms. Enjoy!

Have a fantastic weekend, my lovelies!

Xoxo, mae

Delightful Spaces

Hi there!

It’s always been a long time i guess in posting new things here on my website, yet i certainly  am very happy to bring you my latest web-tour, Magnified Cozy, Brilliant Interior designs and of course Delightful indeed!

C’mon, let’s take a look!

Heaven bedroom and those sheets and pillows means so much in beautification.

Relaxing bathroom you would never say never to soak in up ’til you’re not done enough!

Stuff  like books you won’t want to know that the time swiftly passed by.

Living?One of the reasons you’re still alive because you won’t stop dreaming about this space! – Drool 😛

Dining! Nobody won’t  love this space as well.

AND would you take or leave this home? How would take these good bones and make them your own?


Keep Safe all Darlings!

Xoxo, mae

Without Overboard Trendy

Hi there!

Did i missed anything? yeah sure does! my apology to take that long to came back! Unexpected Circumstances surprising you unexpectedly as well. Too many task to do past days and hopefully all are well in the right time. Anyway, hope I won’t get you overboard of my personal dramas.

Let’s get  ready to an inspirational thingy big time at this time . ^_^


I’m loving these Bedrooms.  The light and airy Twin Beds above and grand masterbedroom below.  I love all of those elements and settings. Loving the color schemes pops on each room, Great taste of style with a Fab  design choices from ceiling ( i’m sure), walls to the floor .  It all feels on-trend without going overboard Trendy.


I could live in either of these rooms.  This is making me want to drool all over again!


Hope you have a  great time always.

Happy Weekdays Darlings!

Xoxo, mae

Kids can tell

Hi there!

Let’s just get what other options it would be aside of master bedrooms, guest rooms or adults rooms rather. I would like share some Kids  bedrooms!  Kids can tell what they love on their rooms too! So what to do when picking out a bed for a child’s room?  Here are some bed ideas!

traditional wood sleigh bed with pink bedding in a girl's room with a pink canopy and white window


two sets of white bunk beds with one ladder in a blue room

Girls bedroom with pink and green upholstered beds separated by a white drawer and shelf divider, each half of the room has the same wall paper in different color, the blinds are lime green striped

So, which of these rooms do you like most for your child?

Hope you both love what you have chosen.

Happy Thursday Fellas!

Xoxo to all kiddos :-), mae

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