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Be thy Guest

Hi there!

How’s your weekend Fellas? hope been great and blissful like mine. Anyway, today is the first day of the weekdays so, let’s explore the amazing places anywhere but here on my web-tour!

Got a chance to found these Multi Million dollar Historic in san Francisco mansion on my web exploration.

Be Thy Guest!

Exterior of a historic mansion in San Francisco

ahmm let me err ahmm yeah !theres something not good in the front landscape! i guess. Obstructing wires needs to spruce up in the front facade! what you think?

Wood paneled foyer in a historic San Francisco mansion

Okay, Never mind the Front yard, How about these scenes inside the mansion? You’ll never know what’s really in the house if you just look basically in the outside. It’s Cozy and Fab!

Wood paneled dining room in a historic San Francisco mansion


Living room in a historic San Francisco mansion with decorative moldings & high ceilings

Crisp of whites pair with the Shades of blues, Gorgeous!

Kitchen in a historic mansion with bay windows

I heart it so!

Well, After all not bad in the backyard! Well trimmed and looks very refreshing! It was built back in 1895 by builder William Polk.   An 11,450 square foot mansion in the heart of San Francisco currently on the market for nearly $13 million dollars.  This historic home features 7 bedrooms, 8 baths.  It is in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights area.
14 foot ceilings, decorative moldings, wood paneled rooms and staircase, fireplaces, stained glass, bay views from upper floors and so much more.

If you had enough money to spare, would you buy this home?

Hope you Enjoy the Tour!

Have a Great Time always. Nice Monday and blissful weekdays ahead!

Xoxo, mae

Gracious Bedroom

Hi there!

Let’s do the Drapes today.Enjoy !

shelter AD


As I sought the perfect images to share with you for my latest post..I am also intrigued by designers that bring new life to old things. Look So well about this decorated bedroom,absolutely stunning interior designs, the Fabrics, those comfy pillows and quilts, the drapes and the walls so awesome!


Happy  Wednesday darlings!

Xoxo, mae

White Friday

Hi there!

End of weekdays! Oh yeah… Hi! Weekend .. yet Somehow Photos speak out!

Clean white bedroom with light wood floor, a large window and a framed portrait

Modern California French country kitchen by Mary McDonald grey and white herringbone floor marble counter tops


Simple, clean white bedroom with a wicker armchair

I love a clean simple all white bed. Never goes out of style.  Is it stylish to just put a white cover or duvet over a bed and call it a day?  Don’t get me wrong…I love a fun patterned bed…the interesting textures, graphic shapes, timeless colors.  But on a day where you need mental quiet, deep relaxation, no noise, or a soft touch to the eye…an all soft white bed will do the trick.

Enjoy White heaven Friday Darlings!

Hope you have a Great time always!

Xoxo, mae :-)

Dream One of It.

Hi there!

How are you all? It’s been a while again…

Anyway, would love to share some bedrooms are as varied in design as they possibly can be and you can see no limit  to a particular style or hue. Scroll and enjoy!

bedroom designs

lights are on and its all on the right track. it looks fab and cozy with the clean lines and woods appearance.

bedroom designs

Sway your mood here! it looks heaven with the crisp of whites.. Soft and airy as you can feel on it. I heart the settings!

bedroom designs

Everybody love this bedroom! I guess if i have this as my own, i would love to put or adds draperies on that Great mirrored wall in the headboard part of the bed! the scheme, the settings and the lay-out are Cozy.


Have a great time always darlings!

Happy thursday!

Xoxo, mae

Tuesday Photos : Woods Sensibility

Hi there!

Happy Tuesday ! :-)

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in houses with good architecture but there are many simple and non-permanent ways of incorporating it in our homes.

Now I know that the image on top is full of exquisite details (the spacious room would be enough to impress) but what caught my attention was the combination of woods and the color motif (champagne) of the room that looks so regal yet understated elegance. I think that unique detail would make any room more interesting and would bring an unexpected touch to it as well..

…adds up here, the plaster! When seeing this image from other blog-site, I really adore this. Its really  installed correctly, they give a home such warmth and depth without overpowering the space. I love the subtleties of this finished in large areas.

Above all, the intention is to create the perfect backdrop in enhancing their beauties and that is the power of woods sensibility.


Have a great time always Darlings!

Looking for you  to say Hello here, would love to hear from you.

Xoxo, mae

Monday Photos

Hi there!

How’s your Weekend? Hope all is well!  Let’s start our weekdays as beautiful as these photos below.


close up of a yellow daisy

Photos bring happiness and cheerful day onwards hopefully….

Al fresco outdoor dining with teak furniture, a beautiful view and a dog

Happy Monday and It’s 9th day of September 2013!

Have a beautiful Day Darlings!

Xoxo, mae

By: Section or Category

Hi there!

Let’s Do the organizing procedure or let’s say by section and by category rather. I just love sharing things that beyond my expectation, especially in the  place where architecture and ideas are not impossible to gain wits extravaganza!

Category: let’s starts on the Shelves!  This is a library anyway.. dual purpose for its unique way in designing as well.

Modern library built in book shelf herringbone stained wood floor

below: conserved space (organized), you can do it in the walls with more classic traditional seating !

Traditional living room with built in bookcase, sofa, ottoman and dueling armchairs

Sectional (below) : A good looking sectional Sofa. i liked it so much!

Living room with a large white sectional, glossy dark floor, glass coffee table and modern art

A huge Sleek Cozy, bright and cheerful sectional  family room!

Family room with a wall mounted television, dueling white sofas, a chandelier, and lots of green drapes

So, what’s your preferences?  Do tell.

Well I hope you have a Great time always and hope All is well.

Happy Wednesday!

Xoxo, mae

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