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Past time Spaces

Hi there!

In every time of our daily-busy  routine, we wish we could have a break in just quite sometimes to our favorite place at home, outdoors, or a place to have our mind relax and worries free.

Most of the time if you are just like doing anything for a day it is better to stay in your nest-Bedroom!


Love this serene modern bedroom. So regal! everybody loves this for sure! If i were have this space, I could use a more extra hours of sleep in a room like this! (above)



If I am down and bothered, i used to spend here, soothing and the crisp of white drives you to cheer up! (above)


And how About here! In the Kitchen! You can make things possible here for a hungry tummy.

Hope you spent your time wisely.

Have a Great time always darlings!

Xoxo, Mae

Serenity Estate – The Reserve

Hi there!

It’s officially Ninth of July , Days swiftly gone by so fast! One month to go after the August rush “Ber” month really on the go! Just a little bit exciting for “Ber” month though.

Well, let’s feel the heart-ken back to the Art Deco Style of the 1920’s , 30’s and 40’s according to my favorite source in blogging spots! A newly built Mega Mansion named Reserve. Let’s See how does it reserve firmly. ready? So am I.

The Entrance:



The Covered Patios nor Several agape exteriors rather.




The Back Yard features many seating areas including this one with a fire pit and a wonderful pool complete with fountains. (below)



The foyer features built in planters for trees and plants and a fountain.

foyer glass wood floor planters


A huge gourmet kitchen has pressed tin ceilings, cement tile floors in a graphic pattern, large pendant lights, a breakfast nook and a sitting area  surrounded by floor to ceiling encasement windows.


The Living Room. A large living room with blue velvet sofas overlooks the formal dining room.



The Bathroom. Guest bath with floor to ceiling subway tiles with a deco inspired black motif in the shower.




And One of the Bedrooms.


What do you think of this mega mansion with a throw back vibe? What would you do if you have this Mega Mansion?   Do tell!

Have a Great Time Darlings!

Xoxo, Mae



Hi there!

Wanna Greet you all A Happy Fourth of July! Spread love, Kindness and A Peaceful Earth!



Xoxo , Mae <3

Blues goes Well

Hi there!

I am quite interested about sharing you these images that I’ve  selected from the ( )  I’ve always admire  the everyday post from this site and to starts my Day of this week, the  shades of blues in the bedroom catches my attention. I just Love how these images  presented so well. I do want to make it clear that I’m  in awe of all the Post and heart that goes into some blog-site. Kudos to everyone.I hope these will be taken in the spirit intended.


Look forward  to have a wonderful weekdays ahead of us!

Happy Wednesday!


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