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Antsy Whimsy whew!

Hi there!

What Day today? 31st of May and Oh, c’mon… It’s halfway round of a Year tomorrow then of a rotating globe! The Days really fast approaching and without noticing, we’re going to celebrates another new year! (Laugh out loud with it! ) too exciting! ūüėÄ

Anyway, Just want to share some modern “Rustic” design while surfing on my web tour. Very unique and love the cozy aspect on each detail.


This is actually an old barn and because human are insanely-talented, got one ¬†space for a bedroom which i really like a lot. I’d better go looking that pom pom bed cover somewhere. ¬†How pretty good terrific idea! isn’t?


…One for Living Room which the modern rustic shown.Those clean-aesthetic wood furniture works well in a mid century modern looks.


…one for a small Library-Office…

and One for Dining room..  The high pitched lofty ceilings, white painted exposed brick doorways, grey washed wood paneled walls, cement floors and all are nailed well. What a Brilliant Ideas.


To think, that simple yet rocks architecture wasn’t go bad at all.

Hope you enjoy!


Happy Whimsy Friday Darlings!

Great weekend ahead to all.

Xoxo :-)

Define your Fab thoughts

Hi there!

Define Greatness!

I would say that being Great is the essential of  human gratefulness. (just my own thought)

Anyway, Happy Tuesday! It’s another day to celebrate!



I am against Taxidermy where animals mounted.Well, on the first ¬†image above ¬†it seems not real those three things on top of the headboard. Ok, let’s leave on that, focus on the bed,i love the bed’s scones and color pops appears of red! ¬† ¬†It’s looks an authentic Spanish style – black against the white with tiling details and more. And the second one, the decor works well there too – clean lines but still filled with curiosities and surprises especially on the rugs that makes it so unique.


For relaxation of your mind, let your spirit be fresh and soak for a while on this simple yet cozy bathroom. The space is so serene and relaxing. The sunken tub set right next to the floor to ceiling window doesn’t hurt either!

Have a Great mind Day!

Xoxo :-)

Bring it On!

Hi there!

I felt like doing anything past few days and glad seeing you again in a long while, yet another weekend is approaching so fast. We’re almost on the half year of 2013!

Anyway, I happen to be browsing  through on one of my favorite blog site i bookmarked and found a lot of Gorgeous spaces, its really an eye catching palette and schemes. Logic and magnanimity luckily prevailed and i decided to share.

bringit A lot of words to express this impressive scheme, One thing for sure is that, I hearts so much the classic with modern chic designs on every twist and surprises of this living space.



In my thought was just right, this  Master bedroom is bathed in a palette of soft blues and white. Crisp white monogrammed linens, a majestic white headboard and clean white furniture, all come together to make a very soothing and beautiful space for rest and sleep. (above)

SO Darlings, Bring it On with this two spaces.

Hope you’d like it.

Happy 23rd of May. May the Good Spirit leads you the right way as always.

Xoxo :-)

rambling- Good stuff

Hey there!
Apparently this is my 267th posting…or rambling depending on your take.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all  for making me feel welcome in blog-land.
Posts will be a little here and there as I take some much needed time with other stuff¬† aside from blogging…i know every body does same as mine we have to spend our time a little bit busy to other stuff every single day not focusing in just one but multi-tasking as you could do.I hope you understand.
So, I am showing these stunning spaces for the meantime, for you to feel the deserving relaxation you need while having a cup of tea or a cup of coffee  in this wonderful day of Thursday!


You seen a dog, well poised on a bed.. that’s what we want to do in just a quite sometime.


Calm-creamy looks in a living room.


Another Romantic room just to make your night Big!

Thanks for dropping by as always..

May the Good Spirit bless you all the time.

Have a Great Day!

Xoxo :-)

Oh My!

Hi there!

Who wants  to have these Spaces?

A Great Place to unwind, Fabulous architectures and  finished with Clean lines!


Drooling over with this sleek modern pool!


Whatta Space! Modern and Cool paneled room


Looks not real but its real! Very well made and a perfect lining pair of staircase!

Have a great clean-lines day!

Xoxo :-)

Meticulous Blend for Woods

Hi there!

Love this serene modern bedroom. After the long day of running around, yes a long day!…could use a few extra hours of sleep in a room like this! I heart ¬†the touch of the Imperial Trellis pillow and of course the blends of wood floors!

eric roth bedroom modern

With the touch of blues below that gives chic to the place…




And this dining room I love! The architecture, the furniture and the overall feel make sense to me. The wood floors, two mirrors,chairs and tables, the wonderful french windows with shutters,  and the bright white walls are classic yet neutral. What a Great Blendings!


Hope you have a great Wednesday Darlings!

Enjoy the 2nd week of May!

Xoxo ūüėČ

Bright up Your Day

Hi There!

Starts Your Weekdays with pretty much colors!

Let’s just Sit and think for a while…. It’s the first Day of a new week again.


Followed with these colorful imagination to make your day always special..


And hopefully we always ends our day with this kind of scene … Calming and peaceful¬† mindset.

Screen shot dot

headboard 1



Have A Happy Monday Darlings!

Xoxo :-)

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