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A lot of Visual Interest

Hi There!

Hello Thursday!

To create a stylish and beautiful  spaces, I can give you cues on the post bellow .

The contrasting of bold colors ,use of magnificent headboard same with the draperies, Pops of orange, and the different patterns create such a strong visual statement in this room! You see?

I can’t take my eyes off this gorgeous bedroom too. Yummy yellow pops in whites, great quilts virtual with the carpet! Could you ask for more?

I find these living rooms so beautiful, stylish and inspiring too.

A lot of great visual Interest. Living rooms has always been a challenging spot when it comes to decorating.Right?

What do think about it? Wants to hear your thoughts!

Have a Great Time always!



Brighten the Mood

Hey Darlings, How are ya doing?

It’s a  wonderful Wednesday!

The most impeccable, chic, magnificent and elegant design I’ve ever seen! Its like OMG! It’s insanely gorgeous.Drooling over on every details as well!I think  it’s the best way to get started without further ado over the whole weekdays.

What do ya think? So far so Great, so Fab , so Chic !Breathtaking right? Here some…

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed the glorious designs on my blog-post!

These are worth to share with love to all of you, Fellas!





Dots the Points!

Happy Monday!
Today I am drooling over with the dots and you can create vignettes of interest all over the house, especially in the bedroom!
And while you are over there, make sure you snoop around.
Have you added any polka dots to your interiors?
Or are you letting that trend stay in fashion?
It isn’t too glamorous right? I’m fooling my self around here,  I can’t help it but its just so damn Grand! am i sounds great?.. LOL
Hope all of you have a great time always these weekdays!
xoxo 😉

Mellow for Grand Spaces

Hello Thursday!

So many new construction homes have those and they can be so tricky to know what to do with. But these would be enough for me as a great construction.

A Bedroom that combines comfort with minimalism — love its relaxed and unfussy look…I mean its really looks so Regal!!!

Happy 20th month of September  to all of you. It is true that September showers more interesting season for -ber months! Yet hope you all are ready. No more fooling, we  sure  would have enough of snow soon, sleet and rain.

Happy Thursday! Hope all si well!

Xoxo :-)

Woods on Its Objectives

Hello Tuesday!
Wood shutters or traditional shutters add a casual, rustic appeal to any room. So it’s no surprise that I was completely bowled over with these images… and so you all too. Enjoy!
Big windows adds beauty, warmth and personality and significantly transform a room. You can add draperies for another choices. But for me, its enough to call these rooms so FAB!
Simple, clean lines in kitchen cabinetry, layers of thoughtfully planned moldings and trim, built in bookcases, window seats,bathroom designs and of course designer closets….these are the design details that dream houses are made of, especially of course made of woods! right?
 Not only a recessed niche adds depth to a space, it makes a wonderful display for your favorite objects.
Hoping you found interesting on my Blog-post!
Nice Day Darlings!
Xoxo :-)

Touches of Grey and White

My weekend went so fast and Monday welcome me so well! it could probably disappeared in a flash soon by Hello Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! there u again Saturday and Sunday! right? anyway…

These images caught my eye really. I love how the whites flows well matches with the greys and the wood floor! Of course, I don’t want to miss, the draperies, the quilts, ceilings, walls and floor. I like them soo much. I just assumed it was just a stylish Props. Whew! here are they…

Loving the touches of grays and whites here!

Look at the Floor and the draperies! oh my…

I heart the velvet chair on here!

Ooppss we’re now in the middle of September! Holidays are so soon!!! you should starts wrapping gift now darlings! 😀

Hope you always starts your Weekdays with blissful and Great time always.

xoxo :-)

Moments of happiness

Hello Thursday!

I haven’t been watching Television lately last Monday, I dabbled back into one of my guilty pleasures- The Laughs!….I’ve got to say that one of so many perfect moments to remembered was when you were compromising to a certain thing with your Man as a TV-audience for a quite tiring work-routine everyday. My man of my life “hubby”and I silently sit-well on a couch. Searching, changing from time to time a channel where to  land  the best show to watch. Apparently Our precious “daughter” went out from her room and stood in front of us and did something funny that  really caught our attention! ” funny to remember up to now! I can’t help it 😀  she really entertained us! i mean our entire weekdays ! i guess… So, We end up cuddling and giggling!  i love seeing them so happy. It could take my stress away! its a family- romance!
















And yet, i wanted to leave you with some pretty things to help start your day too….


I hope y’all have a wonderful weekdays!

Tomorrow is Friday! Weekend is pretty much approaching !Oh yeah.

Xoxo :-)



Follow your Desires

At first glance, it may  look like much, draperies… While most of us don’t have the type of room (or the guts) to do something to do extremely like this one:


…it certainly has me thinking of ways to a desirable one ,design wise is the better way to have a feeling of satisfaction…

On the other hand  I think the blinds and drapes can make everything else in the room look all the better-well, like these examples I’ve shown:

…Surely, the flowing curtains give off an amazing warm glow, and the layers are lovely!But then, you take a deeper look and realize… that everything you does is a matter of your desirable taste in designing. For me, it won’t bothers at all if you think much buntings has have to a room, the important is the finishing touches to really complete the look. I think the drapery is probably my favorite part, because it really pulls the room/bed together Amazingly.


Have a Glowing Tuesday everyone!

Color Your Lifestyle

My favorite color right now is… ahhmm… oh  how difficult! I can’t pick, I love black, shades of blues, White, Grey, gold, Red… if it needs to be a vibrant color neon colors or maybe sea-green, pink coral or mint green color.. haha! You see? So hard to choose what would it be! I just can’t pick.

Lets start with the Gold and White!



















I love gold and whites really I mean one of my favorite, so I am very fond of these images. When I was young I found gold pendant and have my white handkerchief on my pocket  with a little embroidery on it! well that sure changed! My mom also used to love golds jewelry Too. So do I. Now I want to incorporate ,more gold in my life.

Lets go to Grey and Pops of Black:

And If You really wants to incorporate all the colors in One? A room for kids will gives you satisfaction on how  your favorites colors joined together as well!

Hope you dressing it up your Home with your favorite color treatments  and turning it into a gorgeous focal point!

Happy Friday Darlings!

Have a Colorful weekend ahead to all of you!

xoxo :-)

Simple Glimpse

I have recently started to subscribe some interesting blogs aside from beds that i always adore with, just like you do, i guess. The fun thing  is that you could do  bookmarks the sites you wanted to visit again and again because of their fantastic articles and the features as well and late to know that you stayed a lot of time reading theirs! though you’ve learned a lot anyway, am i right?

Just a simple glimpse of these images, you’re going to love it and wants more!



















On every architectural designs, even just images you really wanted to know more every day what is all about,what’s going on and how did it goes and opening up the post each morning is like unfolding a dense!

Like Wacky bedrooms!














You’ll be ‘sleeping with the fishes’ in this honeymoon suite at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Islands Resort and this Garden Shed! Just like you’re dreaming before your head even hits the pillow! 😀

Here’s more: Drooling buildings!



















The Chicago skyline and the The famous Marina City also known as the corn cob buildings. :-)

It’s Like a WOW views for me! It’s like a dream big time that one day I could visit  these places someday!

as they said ” nothing is impossible, if you keep on believing and aim high!”

Hope  all is well!

xoxo 😉

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