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Well first of all, I want to thank each of you. Each of you who, reached out,  sent a note of love and support my blog post. I never thought that this blog thing  could provide such  comfort, I feel a connection with you all that I had never known existed. Or maybe never allowed myself to know.

Got this thought,dream big to have a pause and have some cup of coffee just for a while. Your words have helped me, tremendously.

And this recent experience has just taken it to a level that I’d never expected.

. So thank you.

Have a soothes and Great weekend ahead all of you Darlings! xoxo

Vanity Style

Hey! I’m back from a self imposed blog break…just a day apart though, You know Sometimes you need to take your focus off of  that thing which has become routine,  just to come back to it with a fresh perspective…agree with that?

I would like to share some bed-spaces with their own vanity style!

Inspired the design,which likes to combine true Italian style with modern, contemporary trends.

Chic, shiny and completely has a touch of Asian style with graphic prints on the bed and dresser, and simple, clean lines.

Lastly, Oh! c’mon do i have to tell you more vanity for these?I think I’m needing to remind myself that less is more. For whatever reason, lately, I’m drawn to “simplicity and calm….—boy howdy, I’d love to wake up to this most mornings.

I can’t tell you much about them. What I do know is that, bedrooms posted are gorgeous and so serene Indeed!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday Darlings!



Hooked up on yellow-green!

Do you believe on a perfect combination?! well me, it does! I love those green tones, so fresh yet homely… Love all the different patterns- very daring!

A great combo too. All these shots are fabulous. Love all the layering. My favourite though is the twin- beds! Mean so well with the fab chandelier and that yellow  roller-drapes idea  is to die for also.

This is gonna be the best starts  for a weekdays bash!!! Happy Monday Everyone! xoxo

Simple yet Artistic space

The energy the pops of color, the tone of  simplicity, all have me drifting. Enough to boast the space with that Fabulous wall art! Love this much!

“To Succeed.. you need to find to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.

by: Tony Dorsett

Have a great  Thursday and approaching weekend to you darlings! xoxo


Let’s talk about Surreal beds..

I just compiled a list of beautiful bedrooms when I have a chance for a web tour! hope you enjoy and you’ve gathered some ideas of your desired choices!

Saw this around the net of late, Inspired by Semsa. Bedroom with tub visualized!!

Everyone’s favorite I think,when it comes to color of passion! color speaks by itself as well,  Love it So much!!! You can see the romantic scene on every details. All I have to say is Very Overpowering!

Another bed, its just an ordinary room that the earthly pop has shown up here! brought to life on that lively ornamental plant. Cool yet simple.

A Chic room, brought to life by huge wall prints.

Have a Great weekend ahead darlings! Hope you enjoyed the tour. Would love to hear from you too.

Passionate color of all times- Red!

Soft-Red is thought of as the color of passion, of vitality, love, and even, danger. Unarguably, it is the most noticeable and vibrant of colors and is not limited to where it can be incorporated. And if you tend to agree with red being the color of passion and love, then you will find it quite appropriate for your bedroom.I heart so much how the light comes from the outside during the day time and the scheme of the light during night time truly romantic ! this is superb !

I really admire the soft wood that permeates most of this bedroom. The red here, only appears in a few pops, on the walls and pillows and sofas and draperies. A beautiful office and a closet area are included it gives more  tranquil vibe for the entire settings.

Have a Romantic Wednesday Darlings!Enjoy! :-)



Pinky bash!

Color plays an important role in mood so knowing what your purpose in the bedroom is before deciding on color is highly suggested.I’ve always liked these  comfy geometric fabric in Distinctly Feminine, shades of pink. I’ve gathered a few things that I think , it would be beautiful in a room based on that fabric. though  higher position of the bed mattresses from the floor not really much my type.

I’ve always believed that it’s imperative to create balance in a room but if you choose to do it through color, a cool-lovely colored room with a zing of great buntings makes it all just sing.

The intensity of the white and mixing colors are relieved by the comfy pillows and floors.

The gorgeous weekdays  ahead is upon us and today is a great starts! Happy Monday Fellas!



Symmetry Craving

I tend to crave symmetry when it comes to decorating.  The thing is, I love the look of items neither the set up with in the room as well, a little bit of staggered , balanced, layered look is one the bid for luscious. Though, I always come back to my comfort zone, anchoring things on what is best to be able to feel the cozy settings, specifically on the scheme you’d like to pop!

Personally, I’m a puff girl. I’d love a coverlet but fold the down comforter at the end of the bed when not in use.  I like to sleep under heavy weight so that I could feel the warmth.Some coverlet are thin like a piece of Nan, its easy to mess up  no matter the chic it looks on fluffy bedding with the streamline,probably. Its just an opinion for choosing the right track, anyway.

I so Heart the trend seems to be returning to the sleek, exquisitely furnished well. Don’t mess with those comfort pillows too that you could surely do into sweet slumber if you’d stay a little bit longer though! And when it comes to setting arrangement and the scheme,  this place is definitely Superb! I have nothing to say, Its FAB!

Have a Wonderful  Day and Romantic Night always Darlings!

xoxo  all :-)

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