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Contemporary colors

I would like to share you the fantastic deal I picked up! I am totally amazed of what the interior designer did on this  bedroom and  to-die-for color combination!  I simply can’t get over those gorgeous pillows … so dramatic and very practical!  Another detail I  notice is  the  UK-Flag really caught my attention, has the magic to add lively and love the clean line finish  as well.

Red & White has always been my favourite color palette for all time.  the combination of these colors are truly exquisite indeed. Look at that pillows! It adds more depth on the color palette for each space, even on the outdoor scheme. Look fresh and very chic Home!


The modern chic  palette is carried throughout the bedroom and in this living room. Contemporary colors such as deep to liven up the space.

Happy Wednesday!

Sweet weekend Spot

I am not kidding when I say this is the ultimate sweet spot: white canvas comfy sectional wraps around  the windows with the great shades of grey-pops.  Who wouldn’t want to have a big day dreaming here and read a book? Of course the comfy mattress and white color scheme also scores top mark on it.

Who would say no to a gas fireplace in the bedroom, top with this circular mirror, and a walk-out to an outdoor oasis?

Another perfect way to add warmth to an all white space: wood panel on the ceiling. I love how cozy and inviting this room feels thanks to the natural linen drapes, the drifted wood accents from the floor lamp and the coffee table ottoman, and of course that weave chandelier in warm metal for a touch of elegant and sophistication.

Have  fun and take lots of note! Would love to read your comments here! Have a Blissful weekend Darlings!

So mean Whites!

White! paint the walls, paint, the radiator covers, paint the moulding, hell…paint the ceilings. but don’t paint the floors. that would be over kill rather, let the white pops on that Its look like heaven with his won! a little color is accepted and make sure on the right track.

Starts your weekdays with light and airy mode. Just like the images on top! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful Monday!


Blissful Colors

Happy Wednesday!!! Something to be loved this space, which proved to be a total stunner! Stealing the show were  Gorgeous turquoises walls, Stunning draperies in red ,the Headboard, the mattresses and pillows on the Bed, its just like WOW room, Looks regal and Fabulous,exuding spunk and class all at once. Just I heart it so much :)

And  the outdoor living room as you can see,  a sofa, a loveseat, and two arm chairs.  From squeaky seating for four to stylish and comfortable seating for seven,  has almost doubled the potential of the living area without adding an inch to the footprint.  this vision is to have the beams and framing painted white to accentuate the architectural beauty of the porch.

With neutral outdoor carpet, dark grey slate tiles and low maintenance outdoor furniture, Loving the pillows in shades of blue, red, and yellow to bring happiness, softness, and freshness to the space.

Hope you Have a beautiful Wednesday Darlings.. Thanks for dropping by!

Clean lines in roller shades

This vanity is probably sophisticated, and effortlessly elegant , that you would love the minimalist look of roller Shades ideas! The curtains set the standard for blocking light in the bedroom so you can sleep soundly. Although they each have their pros and cons, roller shades have some aesthetic advantages.

They work best for small spaces and have a clean, cozy look. They’re also great for people concerned with dust, allergens and indoor air quality.

My favorite element in these spaces are the clean lines and the formula of pastel walls with vivid hues as accent strikes every time! How can you not fall in love with it all? The attention to detail, the level of sophistication, and the layering of materials, colors, and patterns are bang-on throughout the space , the idea of roller shades really catches my attention! Love them .. just absolutely love them!


Happy Monday! Starts your weekdays with smile :-)

Inspired by..

Hello Friday! The weekend is almost within reach and the weatherman is once again forecasting gorgeous weather ahead.

Anyway,I would like to share this Bedroom that truly inspires me a lot in so many ways, the scheme, the fabrics, the settings as well as the details which nailed so well! I’ve got this from one of  favorite Blog site- , I so heart the terrible space, its like an apple of my eyes really! Everything placed on the right track! I have a big day dreaming about this bedroom… so Light and airy feeling indeed.

And if you Noticed too, the flooring doesn’t matter at all,  it  fits in any colors either dark,light or vivid one might be cool for it, schemes already nailed it  well, transparency is already there by itself. Very clever and brilliant idea. I truly Amazed the settings. Wonderful! :-)

Hopefully all of us reaching out the good weather ahead on weekend! T.G.I.F  darlings!!! XOXO


Cool Lofty aspiration

Inspiring Quotes :

Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

-John W. Garner

Nothing does double duty in vertical space like the loft bed! Whether it’s maximizing storage space, making the best of a crazy floor plan, or just because it looks cool, building your bed in the air is the way to go..

Everything possible …

Don’t stop believing…

Inspiring beds that involve just a bit of climbing before you crash!… Hope  you enjoyed!

“Success is not the key to happiness.Happiness is the key to success.If you love what you are doing,
you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer

Have a Great Wednesday Darlings!

Cozy Black and White

Happy Monday! Starts your day with smile… :-)

I love the soothing palette of this Bed-room, of course every one loves to have a light and airy spaces. The walls  its stated as simple as that, painted with a soft white all over, the ceiling receives a fresh coat of warm white too, even the floor also makes a huge difference together with that carpet! And on the wall catches my attention I mean, I am checking the freshness here too.hmmmm… I like her green dress,You see what i mean, so maybe it’s acceptable.

Speaking of ordinary summer home, another space to share that is truly extraordinary for me …some might not in good way but I love the dark, yet Cozy aspects … If  I had a villa somewhere my bedroom would look like this… 😉

So whether black or white,  dark or light your room is, its depends on how you dress  it up …. right?Follow your Heart! :-)I’m sure of two things, 1) I Like Mondays. And 2) These spaces are working out for me. Today. Tomorrow my answer might be different.

Hope You all have a wonderful days ahead to start with… :-)I cannot express how grateful I am to all of you!

Home’s best Spaces

The  Rooms this week! I’ve been saving up some goodies – all very different in style – and can’t wait to share them with you over the next month! But today’s spaces are going Great for their specific duty as a well as the bedroom,dining room,bathroom  and living area, which is why I love it..

The dining area is definitely the centerpiece of the room with the most original pieces and that bold chandelier, but the black and white palette allows everything to work well together, and for the fun artwork to really stand out.

I’d almost prefer a vanity that was a bit more delicate, but it certainly helps anchor the room, and makes the marble seem to go on for days. I spy a bath I’d like to soak in for the rest of the day please…

It strikes a perfect mix to me – respecting the old architecture of the home while adding in elements that bring it up to date in a way that really works.


Hope You all have a Wonderful Tuesday!

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