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FAB-Canopybed as always

I’m a big fan of the popular bed in the world the canopy-bed!I typically like linens and bed dressings especially the way you put the draperies around, the style and the kind of fabrics you’re going to chose to make your room looks wonderful and that are a bit more fulfilling-calm, and  the idea of putting some stuff  for additional depth of the room the way  you wanted it to be and doesn’t hold much appeal either, though I don’t really want to feel like I’m sleeping in a big pile of colorful-candy. . Instead,  choosing two or three colors pops around the room would looks better in without drowning in it.

Simple-bossy yet cozy looks:

Waking up like you are in a paradise style:

Color pops so well in a gorgeous modern looks with the shades of shocking neon green.

Thanks for dropping by Darlings hope you enjoyed the tour…

Happy Friday!!! Have a fab weekend ahead everyone !  Will see you on Monday.


Blooms, blooms, and more blooms!  That’s what I see everywhere in home decor and here’s the space I heart so much.  It is certainly interesting to see how buntings, draperies, detailed and nailed it so well, the  designers surely interpret the same subject matter  and come up with very different illustrations.  I love them the way it looks like in my own space, Someday. (sighs)



And With that  Agape-Drooling-Paradise-settings on top, my friend recently got me hooked on this delicious Gelato in Italians use the word gelato to mean a sweet treat that is served frozen  or Ice cream commonly called. Something about it reminds me of my childhood, that I could eat the whole bowl by myself! >.<

We weren’t allowed to eat a lot in the way of sweets when we were young right?…and the treats that we did have couldn’t be sweetened with refined sugar. So while my adult palette would probably taste the sweetened with rice syrup, honey, or raisins was pure heaven to my petite taste buds. 😉

Anyway,  I just decided that it was also perfect inspiration for a little collection of goodies at home. Don’t you agree?! What’s your favorite ice cream or gelato flavor and space settings at home?Mouthwatering comments are most welcome.

Happy Tuesday Darlings!


Weekend bash!

Happy Weekend folks!! I’m extra excited today even though been quite busy  during weekdays in line with my daily workloads, as being a mother , a wife and of course included also the secret gigs with friends 😀 !.XOXO !I have here, to address this Linens issue and to open up the space, an all white bedroom  is called to the rescue.Love it!

and also for weekend bash the mossy green and minty green! So Great  to think about the shades of Earthy-Green!

I know this is killing you all but that is all I can share at this point. Anyway, the gorgeous Sunshine  has thinking me all the  fun things for Summer and the smells of the ocean-breeze tempting me so badly. 😉


Design challenge

A small bedroom is definitely a design challenge. Although I would like a slightly larger bedroom but it won’t matter now, if would look like this!

and this :

Dark walls create a moody backdrop for the space, while a piece of over sized artwork both commands attention and works in lieu of a traditional headboard.

Maybe some of us just lucky to have a large bedroom for the better, feel comfortable and just enjoy moving around  but if this would be on the other hand used to be with the others had a small one, why wouldn’t  use this style and design then.

Have a Great Wednesday Darlings!


Sophisticated taste-Canopy Beds

Howdy Monday!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 16th-day of April!

Anyway, I can’t help noticing in a certain trends of the most popular bed in the world,the images of Canopy Bed itself! I pore through every day. A  beds with the particular way by kept on popping up over and over again. It’s like the big day dreaming having these  beds…simple, beautiful, modern, and seemingly ubiquitous on the same way around.

Another eye catching image:




Would love to have one of these spaces!!!Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and  Thanks to Mother Nature for the beautiful weather, the amazingly warm weather and sunshine as well!

Such a Wonderful mess in long while..

Hi there!

I’m back! It took so much time to have you all in my errands captivity in life for a long while, So many things to do just bare me at this time for coming back into the world of blogging – just so little time to improve.

For the meantime  relax and enjoy..

Upon searching through web or net the other day looking for an eye catching scheme about my favorite stuff to share,I completely unrelated to anything, I of course started stumbling upon other stuff but I preferred to  bizarre beds ,architectural designs as well as the indoor and outdoor creativity scenes that reminded me of  how great designers  truly inspires a lot and touches lives among others and… well, you can see where this is going.

The Pairing :

The heavenly and comfy bed-setting:











The simple yet cozy looks:

  The Light and airy ambiance :

I have so much respect for “interior” photographers! The things they can do with a camera to bring out the details of design…The designers also,I bestow my thanks to their talents indeed!For me these are truly Great  eye candy!

Have a Cheerful Thursday and blissful  weekend ahead Darlings!

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