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Luscious Minty…

A sophisticated Twin-bedroom and fun and cheery!! I love  how it look like …   so refreshing!
The sun burst at the middle gives a lot of difference to the room!! Comfy fabrics on each bed… Soothing and I love the wallpaper match with the draperies for the back drop.   It’s got such a stunning mix..another gorgeous minty look!
This is so beautiful and cheery minty space too with so many amazing details – all really on point with trend.  Very Relaxing indeed! Agree?
Happy Halloween ahead everyone and Happy Wednesday!

I’m so Pleased With it..

Another Week will be ended… I have no idea who designed this apartment but I can tell you this would  probably be the sharpest yet brilliant designer as i would love to know, just got these images on my web-tour last night.  I’m so loving the clean lines, the curves, the scheme as well and definitely in every detail…

I just love the beautiful architectural details of the bedroom and living room colors.Visually attractive!  Sometimes that’s all it takes to make me happy about these kinda style.It’s really Amazing!

…Thanks God Its Friday( TGIF)…

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead Darlings!

A little inspiration

You wouldn’t know how cheerful  to see those inspiring designs and how adorable designers  are as well. When you see their works, their passion as well you just go.. and say a big wow! so Loving it! that’s the only way to express your feeling towards that brilliant designers, that feeling of excitement and awe.

That somehow you never seem they will fail at all.

I have a pretty long list of designers that would inspires me a lot of way, and it is always fun to share their work.

talking about headboards…

You see them everywhere . . . tufted, huge, wonderful, magnificent headboards are made in all the rage, in bedrooms around the world. Of course, some cultures, such as the French, would tell you they have always been in fashion. Regardless, we’re loving them for that great thoughts in designs.

This upholstered open foot daybed features a tufted headboard in pale mocha tone. The formal wallpaper and graphic print at the window give a pop of pattern to the room.

..and this lovely yet great Headboard made could adds well depth and opulence to the room to make the bed extra sumptuous looks indeed!

Hope you all have a sumptuous Wednesday as well!!


Red and White

Spaces flooded with light and airy are always beautiful, and adds so much sophisticated looks… there is no exception.

Red and white is at once glamour and cozy; a unique combination really for a pair of neutrals. I can’t think of many others that can evoke such Gorgeous! And these spaces are prime examples of clean and simple lines highlighted in red and white – a true Beauty.

Just wants to jump in here! when i  think of that headboard and the quilts so’s just like so soothes in your eyes , A Great color glamorous indeed!


Have a wonderful and gracious Thursday Everyone!

Promising Post…

Hey, I’m Back. Kind of. Past week I’ve been busy- for lack of a better word..  I do my best to keep the posts rolling in and I’m excited to share my web-tour with you, so stay tuned m’dears.I missed about a week in blogging…so i would like to share some promising post for you all!

… to Rejuvenate, best place to starts over and after with your busiest schedules for the entire weekdays…

..How about this promising color pops through out the room! Its Definitely works for my taste that bubbly walls :-)

And just a couple things you might like it when you are at home is those spaces where you can spend most of the time to be called a wonder-woman if you can cook delicious food that can be boost with your love ones,  a kitchen:

and the favorite of all that you can relax all day long or sometime  when you felt so down, the bed, pillows,quilts could be your best friend and of course ended up here at night too….  The bedroom:

Hope you all enjoy my post for the very first day of this week.

Happy Beautiful-Monday everyone!

Home Philosophy..

I would like to share some beds and Living room images that  I got from tour-sites, this would be a Good deals for this week! enjoy :-)

..simple yet cozy…

….Looks regal and comfy

…that’s it so far…

…and leave this Quote :

” The mystery of existence is the connection between our faults and our misfortunes.”

– Madame de Stael

 Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

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