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Bye-August rush..

Hello September!!!

Inspiring Quote:

” If you believe that you can damage, then believe that you can fix.”

– Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Would love to share this bed space! its looks soothing for your mind and a stress reliever too!

…would love to spend my whole big-day dreaming here…and what more comes at night! crazy to think about it! 😀

Anyway, Happy Mid Day  of the weekdays!…Its Wednesday!!! Last day of the month of August…have a wonderful days ahead of September!

Friday Bash

Leave you with this soothing and so serene bedroom…it whitens as images shown (clear) your mind to start the weekend…

Happy weekend Fellas!

Wednesday bash

Its Calming spaces ..isn’t it? I borrowed this images from the lovely blog I frequently visit. I like how the homeowner dressed up their neutral room such a soft pretty accent color, simply yet gorgeous that could be easily changed out.

Another calming and soothing bedroom that caught the my eye…great accent color pops too!

Happy Wednesday darlings..’till next time :-)


Beds of the week for me …

A delightfully simple, fresh, cozy and glamorous bedroom that I would love to roll myself into at the end of a long day. I love the mix of styles ,the large scale pattern on the rug and textures here.

The plush headboard and frame,  the tone on tone wallpaper pattern and lighting with serious impact are combining into a world of goodness for me here.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead darlings..Happy Firday!

Good deals with it…

Today I feel like I’m in a back alley and something is about to creep out and put me out of my misery, (just kidding )but when I’m in my usual brighter alley, these would certainly be up it and also I  was busy as a beaver for the past few days and Time flies so fast, the BER month is coming too. Let me share you these elegant Spaces.

I am always trying to think of a good lead in topic , I am gonna talk about such thing … but I couldn’t think of anything except this :-)

i like how the spot on the right is like WHOA! very refreshing!

Celebrates Wonderful Weekdays ahead!

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