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Inviting Niche in the House

A Window Seats!


I love this image , it is a set of bedroom with the set of window seats!  very feminine look and those draperies paired with pillows and mattresses add so much depth and character of the room. Especially the window seats its too beautiful to sit on and take your shoes off! How Cozy to sit there on a rainy afternoon and read!


Here’s another one. Whenever I see one, I just want to take my place .. to nestle into the pillows and daydream, watch the rain, gossip on the phone, nap or read. They’re the most inviting niche in the house, I think. Romantic, practical, cozy.  Window seats. Aren’t they wonderful?

Have a Wonderful Thursday Everyone!

Notice Your Taste in Decoration

Here are a few things that I found on a blog-spot tour this week that made me smile…

The first one I’ve found is from Visual Vamp Cue blog-site…Love the simple touch yet elegant look! The View  and the decorative settings make all the difference!

I would love to be here every morning having cup of tea or coffee or with breakfast!!

I’ve got this image from This space is completely elegant and yet with the unique settings and the design of woods and leather it could be in an amazing room for me , don’t you think?

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Elegantly Soothing Spaces

I saw this Soothing bedroom on a recent bedroom tour from and fell in love! It was certainly made up of woods everywhere as you can see in the pictures, I could tell how it had evolved without a major remodel. It looked like truly inviting were the space is absolutely amazing!!!

Another Space,favorite Living room with artfully displayed pillows, sofas, mirror and even the wall.

And Finally, Love this place were you can spend more time ..A bathroom! And of course, the wonderful white schemes .Oh, be still my heart!

I threw these all in to get your attention. Hope You enjoy!

Sense of depth

I honestly believe that you should make the most of your storage space in a home. Now, I’m by no means referring to stuffing as much as you can into a single drawer or simple shelves, instead I’m actually referring a far more creative usage that is practical and still meets the requirements of a good storage space. A simple light-airy bedroom on the other hand has custom wood shelving in this particular  canopy-bed.Light fixture and Light color schemes as well as the white paints  helps give the room a sense of depth and soothing feels that makes the entire space so inviting that you would probably take your time in napping time or using your spare time to these spaces in a worth-while.
Hope you all have a Great Weekdays ahead!..Happy Monday Darlings!

Be specific

Could You be so specific…And do a  room like this? Or more importantly, could you live in a  huge windows and door like these? and those draperies made the room looks elegant.Well, me I certainly does!though  we’re so busy sometimes, I remember why I prefer to post neutral to vibrant color, because there’s something wonderful about them to a soft huge space! No matter how hard we try to inject color into our home, Some of us anyway always fall back to warm beiges, delicate taupes, soothing room that we always feel comfy, and healthy doses of white.


Swooning Over these daybeds of course! I feel like for as much progress…the blog-list continues to grow because of inspiration pictures like these. What I love most about these daybeds is that every detail has have an impeccable taste to be defined and the incredible deals on the photos as well! You’re not going to believe it!… so make sure to keep your eyes peeled to the blog!

Happy Monday Darlings!….See you Tuesday! :-)

Wonderfully designed- shabby chic


I could not possibly gush enough about these marvelous spaces. Definitely, modern is becoming so much more approachable. A fantastic example of this approachability is one of the features Here.


I love the way the eras, traditions, and minimalism are applied to the space, without shouting  a location, a period of time, or a season. The feature pillowcases, sofas and the fabrics as well are just divine! I love the combination of textures in the sofa , the chenille bedspread on the chaise, the soothing bedroom, the classic chaise lounge, and even mirrors is different sizes look gorgeous in their ways, all set in a mix of concrete and wood. These are yet again a truly impressive!

Hope you All have a relaxing weekdays ahead because I think , You all deserves to put your feet up! :)

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