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Do you love your mattress?

I bet not as much as these guys. They can’t leave home without em. Seriously though do you love yours? There is a lot of confusion regarding claims about what a mattress does, how it is made and what that means to your sleeping and other habits. What do you want your mattress to do for you? It cannot give you the piece of mind to make you sleep better unless you have piece of mind. What are you doing with your life and why does it make you sleep so poorly? Fix that and you can sleep on cardboard baby. Take it to the bank. Or you can buy one of these and leave your shambles of a life as is.

Iron Bed with a TV Mattress

Why indeed you may ask yourself. But there is no questioning art. It just is. Looks kinda uncomfortable though, but it does bring up a good point that if you watch TV in bed you do not sleep as well. That’s a fact jack.

Blue Bed, Blue Room, Blue Moon?

This room has commitment, to blue. Powder blue to be specific. I like the funky headboard shape and that super wacky light on the nightstand. I think maybe a little girls room but you wonder if the two tone colors would get on your nerves after a while. I really wonder what’s in those headboards to make those serious shapes…

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