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The Cast Of House in Bed?

I don’t know why.

Glorious view from your bed

Is this what you look out at every morning? Me neither. But I think we should make a pact right now that we aspire to making it so. Now it really need not be as perfect as this view. I want you to look right now out whatever windows you have in your bedroom. Is there anything that looks inspiring in the least? If yes, stick your bed up on clocks, books or boxes so that tomorrow when you open your eyes you have the best view possible. See if it makes a difference. If you have the side of another building then I want you to order one of those cheesy wall murals of the woods etc. (not the underwater stuff, that might be freaky) let’s do this thing!

Messy beds are proof we are living right

The nest…calling us back. Follow the call, everything can wait.

Waterbed’s Aren’t Dead, They Exist in Our Mind

And at my parents house…

Mattress Truism (at least for a while)

I used to feel that way until I got older and was really tired. Now I just sleep when I feel like and you know what? Life is awesome.

Philosophy in the Bedroom


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