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Special Bed Lighting

What can you string around your bed for that special mood lighting? This picture I found shows what happens if you are related to Cher and grew up in a Gypsy caravan. I cannot quite tell what exactly is going on here, but it is some special bed lighting for sure.

Bedroom with a Snow View

Last I posted I was spending a month in the tropics snoozing on a bed with a spectacular view. Then I woke up and realized we are verging on winter (well at least chilly fall) weather. I found this spectacular winter view to make that easier to swallow. Talk about quirky wall art, baclava ski masks! I do love the room though. Clean and sophisticated. The snow, not so much. You can click here for more on the house and bedroom.

Ignore The Last Post, I Meant An Entire Month Here!

Ah to dream….

Did You Get A Summer Vacation?

I did not. Times are tough but we can still dream. My latest dream is to spend 1 entire month in this bed looking at this view. Just stare at the picture and imagine for just 5 minutes…. Wow, it was like I was there!

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