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Charlie McCarthy and Mae West in Bed?

Say what? Do you even know these two people? Well person and puppet…What a strange photo. I like the bed though. Genuine silk and old fashion quality. Very nice.

New Chanel Mattress Line

I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. But a Chanel mattress line would be cool. As long as they didn’t look like this one.

The Burning Bed

What a movie. Get it?

Unique Canopy Bed Cooling System

This is wacky, it’s from a while back but I had never seen it before. You can cool and dehumidify only your bed without wasting energy on the rest of the room or even the house. (That might be a good way to stay in bed, if it’s too hot to get out!) Now the drawback is it is pretty funky looking, but not unattractive, but the price will set you waaaayyy back. Check it out though, pretty cool. You can read more here.

Beds Make Great Magazine Covers

Lately I have run across a number magazine covers with beds on them including this one from The New Yorker. They run from intriquing to baffling. Not really that thrilling but pretty neat nonetheless. I hardly think it means anything at all…

Bed With An Eiffel Tower View

Things could be worse than waking up in Paris and looking out…This looks absolutely fantastic. Can you picture a better view from your bed?

Gothic Bed Trend

I have noticed alot of black pretty gothy looking beds and headboards lately. Things painted black, dark and velvety. Like lace headboards cut out out of sheets of metal. I have never found the look very appealing. I have always liked bright refreshing bedrooms. Of course I like them dark while I sleep, but in the day I want an uplifting look, fresh and airy, not dark and creepy. How about you?

Twilight The Movie Flash Back Bed

In honor of the new Twilight movie, I thought I’d do a flashback from the original where Edward is lying in the hostpital bed. Remember that? I don’t because I didn’t see the movie. I am waiting for the entire collection on bluray so I can just live it. Edwards hospital bed reminds me a little bit of this bed.

Water Bed- Fantasy Bed Setting

Ha ha. Not sure if this is a fantasy or a nightmare? Sleeping in wet sheets would be gross. Of course makes kissing a frog for a princess much simpler.

Fun in Bed

It’s Friday! Get off the computer and go do this right now! Fun in bed today.

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