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Homemade Bed- Driftwood Headboard

This is some creativity. The linens are nice and the driftwood headboard shows some great personality and charm. I wonder if this is in a beachhouse ?(I imagine so!) It really goes to show that just taking an idea for your bed and running with it can really work out fantastic.

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Bed

I guess this is from Maxim Magazine. Jennifer Love Hewitt looks really good! I haven’t seen her lately, but she has still got it. Now the bed is looking quite good as well, great carving, upholstery and I am always a sucker for gold! Great picture. Reminds me of the Rita Hayworth in Bed shot

Everything Will Be OK Bed

I agree. It may not be what you want, but it will be alright. Spending time in bed insures you will think so to. Go take a nap.

Welcome sight…

Happy Wednesday! Hope it’s a lovely one. Spring is approaching and some places summer just begun— a welcome sight after weeks of snow, rain and general gloom but we’ll definitely get outside at some point! What are you up to?

Messy Bed, Epic View, Looks Like Fun

Great messy bed and an incredible view. Hotel bed? Apartment? What’s the story? I bet it is interesting…write one and send it to me. The best one wins $1,000,000.

Sagging Iron Bed

Wow, fresh room and a really sagging iron bed.  There is even a huge mirror so you can watch yourself sag. I love it. I bet you would sleep beautifully in this room. Sometimes it is just about the place being perfect, not every element.

The Dream Bed

Would you like to be laying on this all day? I would, but might need the hammock with a shade. I guess it is more of a lounge than a bed but goodness look at that beautiful water! What a dream!

Bed From A Space Odyssey 2001

Does anyone remember this? Granted I haven’t seen this movie in 25 years, I am drawing a complete blank…looks very luxiourious in a neo-classic way. Love it.

Marilyn Monroe in Bed

What a great shot of Marilyn in bed. Both her and the bed are so silky looking. Just goregeous. I can’t tell if that is a fold out couch or a divan but either way it is a great shot.

Hammock Bed in France

So could this bed be comfortable? I doubt it but it is interesting, especially the setting which looks like Paris or Vienna or somewhere in Europe.

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